Club player commitment


      The club program is designed to provide a positive experience for players capable and interested in an advanced level of play. At this level of competition, success and fun on the soccer field do not come without extra effort. The will to win is not enough; you must also have the will to prepare to win. We are speaking of more than just the effort it takes to show up at the soccer field on the day of the game. We are talking now about the kind of effort that involves hard work, some choices about the way in which you wish to spend your free time, and perhaps some sacrifices on your part. Before you become part of the Arizona FC Rebels Club soccer program, consider carefully the commitment which each team member must make.  If you are not willing to make this commitment, then perhaps you should not move beyond recreational soccer. If you are willing to make this commitment, then we believe that we can help you become a better soccer player and a contributing member of a competitive soccer program. 

     Club soccer is a very physically demanding sport that can push players to their limits. Arizona FC requires players to stay in top physical form which includes physical training and ball handling skills outside of regular training sessions (THIS IS A MUST).  Players must continue to stay in shape and improve as we move forward or they may be moved to a lower level team (if available) or released from the club. We strive to help each player play at their peak ability and to allow players the ability to move on to higher level play such as college or even professional teams.

       Club soccer is a very big commitment, not only for your player, but also for you as parents. Please be sure you as a parent are ready for the commitment. We have built a reputation of focusing on the promotion of sportsmanship and fair play, as well as providing an atmosphere of open communication between players, parents and coaches. As a club player we will work to find the proper level of competition for your team and will play many other club teams in the pursuit of better competition. This will involve some travel (mostly Phoenix area but will include a couple road trips during the season) to away fields for games, scrimmages and tournaments. Parents must understand that there is a lot of time commitments from club players and club parents.